We are a coalition of leading technology and drone companies from across Europe that seeks flexible, risk-based regulations to create jobs, grow our commercial and consumer drone industry, and allow our companies to operate efficiently throughout the region.

Europe’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists can compete with anyone. Drone Alliance Europe is working to build the safest and most dynamic European market possible: a single home market for autonomous operations, savvy political support, and a public that champions drone technology. Success at home is our launchpad for success abroad.

Drone Alliance Europe
Engages, Educates, and Advocates.

Our Mission:

  • Educate regulators across Europe at all levels on best regulatory practices and pathways for advanced technical capabilities
  • Brief European Institutions and national governments on the most advanced drone capabilities and related economic and consumer benefits
  • Engage the media to deepen public support and understanding
  • Advocate for the industry in major European and international governmental advisory groups
  • Work with all parties to prevent or respond to bad actors

Our Members:

Altitude AngelAmazon Prime AirDelft Aerial RoboticsGatewingParazeroUnifly