Drone Alliance Europe (DAE) is a coalition of leading technology companies representing the commercial drone industry before European political leaders, regulators, and other industry stakeholders, as well as international regulatory and advisory bodies.

The commercial drone industry has the potential to bring tremendous economic growth, jobs, innovation, and broad societal benefits. Amid exponential industry growth and opportunity, it is critical to pursue a forward-leaning regulatory framework to fully realise this potential and further promote European leadership in research, production, and application of this technology.

Drone Alliance Europe
Engages, Educates, and Advocates.

Our Mission:

The Alliance leverages the experience and perspectives of member companies throughout the policymaking process to expedite the safe and widespread integration of commercial drones into European airspace. Together, the DAE represents a strong, united voice working toward the expeditious development of:

  • Proportionate, risk-based, pan-European regulations that facilitate a clear path toward authorization of expanded operations throughout the continent, including fully autonomous and beyond visual line of sight operations
  • A low-cost, interoperable unmanned traffic management (UTM) framework that promotes the safe and secure integration of expanded drone operations essential to industry growth
  • A regulatory framework that embraces the flexible use of licensed, unlicensed, and spectrum sharing opportunities for drone technology necessary to support safe integration, innovation, and technology leadership throughout the Digital Single Market

Our Members:

Amazon Prime Air
Delft University of Technology
Google X
Precision Hawk